(April 2012) – I-Light Marina Bay 2012


12 APRIL 2012

I Light Marina Bay, Asia’s first and only sustainable light art festival was held over the stretch of Marina Bay from 9 Mar – 1 Apr 12. 30 light art installations from local and international artists were lined up for this festival.

Hexogon Solution was invited as one of the artists for Festival, to create an Anchor light art installation on the façade of the Art Science Museum. This 3D mapping projection entitled “Garden of Light” deploys the use of 16 Christie HD 20K-J projectors, advanced 3D mapping techniques, covers a total of 30,500 square feet of the façade of the Art Science museum and is considered as one of the largest 3D mapping project in Singapore. With 6 shows daily, the projection can be viewed over various vantage points over Marina Bay area.

“Garden of Light” uses the various elements of nature, such as butterflies, dandelions, waterfalls to illustrate a small part of a butterfly’s life after a thunderstorm, creating a beautiful light art projection, coupled with excellent sound and effects to enchant the audience.

In February 2012, Hexogon E&T department took delivery on 10 latest Christie HD J-series projectors. With a modified and improved system in the new J-series, each projector run on a thermal-feedback system and a liquid cooling module for the DMDs to continually maintain the projector’s temperature in the correct operating range. This is very important especially for outdoor mapping that expose these projectors in a very harsh environment. Each HD20K-J is capable of producing 20,000 lumens of Xenon brightness with built-in Twist and edge blend for easy mapping projector works. These projectors are also future proof with its 3D upgradable options. The project can now be placed on a portrait format for more mapping flexibilities.

These projectors will stage its first show during i-Light Marina Bay 2012 starting from 9th Match to 1st April.